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      4 Point Perspective (A)      


This work was made using a bricolage process, and faithfully compiled rather than edited together. One of the items that is important to this work is that I use as little editing technique as possible, and do as much of the 'work' within the camera, at the moment of capture. This process entails a vivid capacity for engagement that I have often employed in video, photography and book projects.

4pointPerspective (A) is meant to be projected at maximum scale within any exhibition environment. It was made with a low resolution cell phone camera, in order that the projection of the work would break the image into large, obvious pixellation. This presents a flat focal point, converting the primacy of depth of field within photography and videography into a flat matrix. Within such matrices, the images momentarily collapse and reassemble, instantaneously.

4 Point Perspective (A) was shown at Lumen video festival.