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AV AT AR (2008)

Can we say that defacement exists in order that we may make progress through our (re)construction of a cultural history?
Images in this book are placed together to force a revision or at least a meditation on the floating significance of signs and symbols. Signification floats and metamorphoses through the pages of this book. In one example, it will be held within the gesture of rejection (a monument pushed over), while in another it is found within a recontextualizing of certain words (such as 'West"). This book engages with the structural relationship between art and the social/political environment through the images that are selected and arranged. Set against the cold reality of a political circumstance, demanding action and results are carefully taken photographs that, through the employment of various tropes of art-making (composition, balance, etc) will always tend to obfuscate or dilute the urgency of any political situation.

2007-2008 (printed 2008) 194 pages