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Control Panel (2009)

Control Panel is a participatory sound art work made by Andrew Mount & Mark Grimm. It plays two channels through mono, using puredata to randomly play any of 100 audio samples through user demand - the piece will remain static until another user sends a request to the server, thereby either changing the audio sample or manipulating it via instructions sent to their cell phone or instant message client. as the work resides on a server, it can be heard and manipulated from literally anywhere that a person has internet connection and the ability to use free messaging software.
This facet of the work will be augmented in the near future to add 2 more points of connection that aim to increase and ease participation: the interface of the website and a custom made, freely available mobile app. (Initially, text messaging was the mode of communication but this technology is fraught with problems of translation, from country to country and between service providers).