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Debstock(twoways) (2021 - ongoing)

This page shows a selections from a series of approx 200 paintings. All paintings are ink, watercolor, acrylic ink and high flow acrylic on watercolor paper.
These paintings are based upon the aesthetic profile of currency and other precious documents such as stock certificates and passports. The aesthetic properties of currency hold an obvious signification of wealth that counters most other areas of capitalist representation. If we think of curency as packaging, for example, we can see the a stark difference. To continue this example, it is packaging that signifies luxury, and is ultimately copied. Official (financial) documents tend to carry a sophisticated visual aesthetic that colors our reception of them. Stock certificates often copy the design tropes of currency, and are cared for as currency yet are essentially notices - they do not carry a debt-promise that currency does. Stock certificates then contain only a signification, and are therefore involved in mirroring.