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Escutcheonesques (2015-6)

I used drawing as a foundational element with these screenprints, meaning that I took ideas I had been working with in my drawings and used them as repetitive motifs within these works. Rather than planning out the work prior to printing, as is normally the case with screen-printing, I made a series of different screens that I would use as and when needed. In this way, I attempted to use a more instinctive process and thereby align the image generation, color choice etc much more with the processes I am involved with in my drawings and paintings. This meant consciously working against the normal routines of screen-printing by using methods such as overprinting, over-saturation and screen-rubbing; the screens as I used them to experiment with the possible results in terms of ink viscosity, clarity, texture.
This is a series of screenprints that use the drawings made over the past few years as starting points. I am using a range of escutcheon shapes as connective motifs, and through them providing the viewer with recognizable elements that can be used as containers, or in more technical terms, empty signifiers. While the shapes are abstracted, they are able to retain recognition in part because they are also allusions to the body. Once the eye has detected such form, it can be used as a means of entering the image, intellectually.