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Impressions (Portrayal) (2013-ongoing)

The images below are all made in camera, without any further image manipulation. I think of these as drawings.
The process itself sets up restrictions, much in the way that the processes of drawing can. Choosing any specific material (or tool) to draw with delimits the potential the work can have in terms of its dynamic range, which in turn defines the territory of the work. Of course, some of this territory is pre-ordained through (art)history; drawing with pencil will not have the same resonance as drawing with engine oil. In this case, I am drawing using a process – that of collusion.
The camera allows a manual HDR photograph to be taken – up to three photographs can be taken in one frame. I am working within the function to create entirely different imagery. There is a high degree of specificity in terms of subjects chosen, but the camera decides upon the readability of any one of those subjects within the algorithm. These images are the result of a camera struggling to place pixels within an algorithm targeted at delivering a high dynamic range for the user, and simply failing. It is the lack of attention to cropping and image depth that I am most drawn to here, and which appear to me as imbrications.