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Inheritance 2007-2012

Inheritance employs paired down techniques for capturing imagery with immediacy. This is another books that offers a meditation on painting without making painting. The images included here were taken between 2007-2012, using a flip-phone camera. The aberrations created by the low-quality lens and the slower processor onboard such devices have created their own aesthetic of deficiency. Often, as we know, a random variable can appear (which we name luck, serendipity or chance). In this case, the resulting images contain such strong allusions to romantic landscape paintings of the C.17-C.19th that the association cannot be allowed to drift. While tying these images to the trajectory of 'history painting' and connoting that baggage, one cannot avoid the large pixellated areas of the images. I deny any intervention in the image, including transcription: when making such work, I want the work to remain integral. Therefore there is no cropping, cleaning or color correcting in these images; they also remain at their original pixel dimensions, meaning that, much like a found object, the physical scale of the work is already predisposed.
(printed 2012)148 pages