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New Mirrors 2008-2009

...the vertical is a problem. it always has been. its too erotic. its physically exhaustive. because of material limits, its definite. its divisive. its presence signals everything and nothing and this book offers just that kind of proposition: a contradiction that can only be overcome by your attempt to understand it...

New Mirrors was a project made as an extension of concurrent work using both mirrors and reflections/surfaces. In this work, I wanted to experiment with the format of the book: by this point I had printed several and wanted to make a book-as-project. I decided to document one of the ways I was earning money. In this case, it involved driving 450 miles to inspect, pack and drive an artist's work to it's exhibition venue. On each page spread, there is a record of each journey direction (to/fro). I resisted printing a simple record of this journey, instead i used devices to complicate the experience of the work, including the oppositional display of images- effectively denying a 'front' or 'back' for the book; the use of white space on each spread acts as a pause, an interruption or an invitation to participate or intervene in the book somehow - to complete it as you wish.

(printed 2009) 304 pages.