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Obfuscation Affect (2017)

Obfuscation Affect occurs through repetition in form rather than content. Consistently repeating particular patterns of address aimed at attracting and diverting attention, producing an onslaught of comments, statements, events and interjections that effectively blur into each other, defying memory, creating the ground to run blindly, headlong into Ø. This is a political framing device, it is a tool provided by the mass media that is ripe for abuse. It has been very effectively used to systematically distribute codified imagery, gestures and words that over time normalize total intolerance for any diversity. The danger of a return to fascism is erased by way that history is obfuscated using these modes of address. Insult, intolerance and stupidity become the attractors, providing a lexicon and visual library of imagery with which to associate. The longer this situation lasts, the deeper the affect.
(printed 2017)
226 pages

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