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Phylogeny (via Mandala) (2010-2)

Inarguably, there is a great deal of power in images. Certain image-types have an ability to attract and detain one’s attention. This is achieved through structure much more than content. I am exploiting this given within this series of images. These images loosely use a mandala image-type to entrance the viewer, in an effort to encourage them to spend more time with the work. Phylogeny (via Mandala) began as an exploration of the notion of phylogenic memory. While phylogeny is a biological process, my use of it here is influenced by the repurposing of the concept by Freud and Jung, asserting that there is a genetic memory that persists in humans akin to the process of phylogenesis.
The images here intentionally mix the standard ‘x’ or ‘+’ shapes with the circular, repetitious structure of the mandala. The content of these images are car wheels and tires. This choice is particular for a range of reasons, but I will only list one to avoid killing the interest of the viewer due to over-informing. To do so would ironically flatten this work making it redundant. The use of whales & tires is an admittedly banal choice. As is usually the case when artists choose banality, it is a red herring. These showroom-type images easily connect the viewer to the world of the automobile, and therefore, all the attendant support systems that make such modern vehicles possible. Most importantly for me personally, is the connection to the oil industry. The more one meditates on this point, the further the interconnection between these banalities and humans progress. My work in this area aims to conflate the resonances caught up within the car tire and wheel with the phenomenological, object oriented ideas of a spiritual, connective unconscious provoked by rhythmic patterns.
This work is comprised of 2 sets of images one HARD, and one SOFT