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Remediation in Process (2012)

This piece picks up where mubaafi left of. It aims to push conflation within political media much further by employing the same technique and process, but using two clips that are not at all synchronous chronologically as those in mubaafi. The result is a work that breaks apart the system of norms held within this form of public media dissemination, asking deeper questions simply because this time, both clips are from 'official' (i.e corporate media) sources. Despite the fact that one of the sources (that of the capture and examination of Saddam Hussein) appears to adopt the unprofessional aesthetic rationale of the amateur, hastily capturing the scene on a consumer device. 

This work is part of a trilogy or short pieces that meditate on the ways that news media use standardized aesthetic cues and props to prepare the viewer by asserting authority, and thereby claiming validity. These videos were made at the moment that citizen news broadcasts were starting to be made via youtube and other non-news media sharing sites. The other two works in the series are mubaafi and inrelief.