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Shaping Back Again 2006-ongoing

Shaping Back Again is a secondary or perhaps tertiary description of anamorphosis. Images rendered in such a way that they appear abstract when viewing the image as a flat surface. In order to properly benefit from anamorphic imagery, one has to position oneself a precise angle to the picture plane to be able to gain clarity on any given circumstance, situation or tableau presented.
The images contained herein reflect that procedure of viewing metaphorically, presenting a distillation of political media images that have been highly manipulated through montage and interlacing.
This raises questions about the aesthetic embedded within political representation, about the framing devices that we accept without question, and ultimately about the way that such uses of aesthetic creates a normalizing paradigm that in turn defines what expectancy is, or can be, ensuring the periodic appearance of an aberration. Such interruption is necessary to reinforce the tendency to cleave to the known knowns, and reject the unknown. In some cases, this process of searching, saving, looking at and manipulating political imagery pares them down for a deeper examination, ultimately revealing that sophistication (in this arena) has little to do with technique or virtuosity, it is always about manipulation. We might even say that we are subjugated to the fetish for sophistication.