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The Arena of Lost Faults (2009-2017)

In this arena, laws are mutable. Laws are changed to satisfy desire. Desire exists strongly when the result is personal gain. Therefore, corporations are desirous. Where corporations have similar rights to people, laws can become useful tools rather than ethical guides or moral obligations; laws can be used as protection from accountability. When there is no accountability, there is no responsibility. When there is no responsibility, abuse occurs. When the abuses are ‘white collar crimes’ they are reified as mistakes. Mistakes made by corporations exonerate people working within them because they are protected by laws. After a protracted, farcical inquiry, these mistakes are excused with ineffective fines, ultimately producing positive public relations: a corporation that evades the restrictions of legislation is effectively untouchable, above the law. Any admission of guilt is rejected, leaving responsibility suspended. Responsibility can be avoided because there is no accountability.
This is the Arena of Lost Faults.

This project began in 2007. The images have been used in differing context, including exhibition. The original book was made in 2012. I was unsatisfied with it, and remade it, with additional material 2017 (printed 2017)
50 pages

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