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Transcribing Interference (2007)

This video simultaneously employs two processes - one of recording and one of interference. Interference within this work is presented through the use of a standardized, audible refrain (a red herring) that is overlaid with several layers of distraction. Several people follow the cell-phone video camera around this room, and effect the subject in their moment of documentation. The task given is purposefully banal, in order to redirect the focus of the viewer towards those elements not seen, but effective. This is one of the forst works I made that centered around the notion of framing, a conceptual paradigm that I have been working with in a variety of ways since.

The expectancies of viewing naturally create a politics, and as is the case with any defined system, it becomes open to intervention. The result of this intervention is work that subjugates the visual to the perceptual (non-visual) in a plodding, revealing manner. While the visual in this case is admittedly subdued in terms of it's place within the work, includes a recurring surface reflection that aims to encapsulate the notion of privilege: what does it take to have such a large, polished wooden surface and a chandelier?