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UHUH UHYEAH (1999-2000)

This installation was concerned with the fate of art with regard to a specific trend I had noticed. This trend is fueled by the massive growth of the 'art world', and the attendant urge to 'see' everything. One might think that, quite naturally, if less time is to be spent with every work,then more artwork may be seen. This tendency follows norms in capitalism, or what we call capitalist logic, where brevity is valorized as productive in some way (because of the founding principle that time = $). This work aimed at highlighting the farcical circumstance that appears as the end point here: that art will become as vapid as this viewing rationale.
Documentation of this work is limited, but the video gives you a clear sense of the installation. Audio files related to this work will be uploaded here soon.

Though the quality of this documentation is regrettably poor, it works well enough to decribe the work.