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War Heads (2012-4)

This series of works continues the formal approach of a related project, The state of Play (2012-14). These works concentrate upon two specific events that share many common elements. The images depict the uprising of the 'Arab Spring' in Egypt and Libya, focusing upon their framing by the news media.
The images mostly feature Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi, the deposed leaders of these states. Both of these leaders had significant, if contrasting relations United States. Egypt provided billions of dollars in support of Egypt, specifically to ensure Egyptian support of Israel. Libya, however provided continued resistance to the United States, becoming a media target for several years.
The place of the United States in these countries is rarely if ever questioned within the American media, and those that do offer critical reflection are roundly denounced. This policy of media control effectively weakens the free press, allowing a homogenization of opinion and presentation.
The works feature interlacing in order to embed one situation within the other, and allow the viewer to oscillate between sources, effectively creating a form of composition that requires concentrated effort on the part of the viewer. This process mimics the necessity to pay attention to details within the political area.