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•staring 2009-2011

This work continues my inquiry into the interrelations of imagery. Some images here are photographs that may exist in another of my projects (such as the Vehicles series) or they have been taken as screenshots from the kind of military videos that have been (purposefully) left anonymously on common social media websites (such as youtube). The work uses the function of viewing art as the starting point. From an external position, one appears to be staring; mindlessly, dully, yet the cognitive activity that occurs during the observation of/engagement of/viewing of an artwork is extraordinary. There is a highly personal, incommunicable experience that art is able to engender in us all, partly because of this unique possibility, art's horizon is limitless. This work uses imagery to evoke related threads of thought about the connection between devotional space and functional (industrial) space. It also uses survey imagery to connect the surface layer imagery to the subtextual, provocative aspects of this work.

88 pages